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Blog for Choice Day 2010

Each year, NARAL Pro-Choice America poses a question to pro-choice bloggers before the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and then asks them to blog their answer on January 22.  In honor of Dr. George Tiller, who often wore a button that simply read, "Trust Women," this year's Blog for Choice question is:

 What does Trust Women mean to you?

I believe you should Trust Women to:

  • Make their own choices;
  • Keep their PRIVATE medical choices between them and their doctor (Here’s looking at you, Kansas.);
  • Be moms;
  • Not be moms;
  • Vote (Thank you Iron-Jawed Angels!);
  • Earn the same wage as men for the same work; and
  • Be your Senator (*cough* MA residents! *cough*), or other elected official.

So Roe v. Wade, here's to you and MANY more anniversaries.  Thank you for ensuring my right to privacy all these years.

Lost & Sight

1)  I just wanted to put this out into the interwebs....My genius idea for the boxed set of Lost episodes includes the option to watch content based on the time line it happened in (so maybe that part with jacob and "esau" on the beach will be the first scene we see) in addition to watching content based on the way the episodes aired.  I know, right!  I said it was genius.

2)  I came across this fascinating article.  I didn't watch the video but,  holy crap, the words were intriguing.  Can you imagine if we could cure blindness.  Even if was only a few forms of it.  Wow.

I'm Old

Just wanted to share the review I gave to the fancy restaurant I went to for my birthday.....


(Boston) Marathon Monday

I didn't bother to take any pics of the marathon today so this one will have to do. 



Photojojo Wrap Around the Corner Frame

Look how awesome this new frame from Photojojo is!!  I can't wait to get one.  Or two!!!

Model Slip

I haven't been reading Jezebel much....but thank god I started doing some catch up. This is one of the funniest posts I've seen in ages. (http://jezebel.com/5155311/top-10-all+time-modelrunway-mishaps) If you only watch one of the videos, watch this one!!!! (It's #5 in the Jezebel post.)

postsecret cracks me up

I saw this postcard today.  I laughed pretty hard, but really, with today's divorce rate, is this person going to get something just as awful sent back to them by that ex?  Karma is kind of a bitch.

Inauguration - First Blush


I LOVE him.

Inauguration Trip - Days 1 and 2

I arrived at MHT to find out that my plane was delayed by an hour.  Turns out it had come up from Baltimore and gotten stuck in the craziness down there.  I had a pretty great flight.  Got a window seat and only had one other guy in my row in the aisle seat.  I love space! 

It was a very clear night and I had a BEAUTIFUL view of Boston, NYC and what I'm guessing was Philly.  As I was flying over Boston I was able to make out the lights of Fenway.  I took a multiple exposure shot with my Holga so I'll have to see if that turns out at all.  I really should have taken a shot with my digital camera, but was feeling mildly nervous about the dude sitting in the same row.  Not that I haven't taken illegal photos on a plane before in front of people, but I was just feeling extra shady.  The view of NYC was spectacular as well.  It took me a while to spot downtown Manhattan because it was pretty dark compared to all the other areas.  I guess the tallness of the buildings block out the street lights in that area.  It finally dawned on me that I had binoculars in my purse....because God knows I won't be close enough to actually see Obama get sworn in....so I took them out and got a closer look at the skyscrapers.  I also was able to locate and see the Statue of Liberty.  I'm pretty sure I saw Yankee Stadium and the football stadium in New Jersey.  Is that the Giants or Jets?  Both?  Do they share a stadium????  We flew over another big area of lights that I think was Philly but I wasn't able to make out anything that looked remotely Philly-ish.  Hopefully I'll have a similar experience on the way back.  This time I'll have to take some photos. 

It really irritates me that flight attendants are so adamant about people shutting off electronic devices during take off and landing.  I've left my ipod on a million times and taken numerous photos during these times.  And by looking around the Flickrverse, I'm certainly not the only one doing this. All my planes have landed safely so what's the deal?  And what's so different about the take off/landing times and flying at cruising altitude?  I would imagine the pilots are still using electronic devices to fly the plane and the potential for interference is still there.  Hell!  Southwest now only allows you to buy drinks with debit and credit cards.  (I'd just like to take the time to say that everyone and their mom was drinking on this flight.  Maybe to celebrate Obama?  Maybe b/c of the delay?)  I'd imagine that device is sending out some strong electronic pulses.  Gah!  Stupid arbitrary rules.

So Kt picks me up at BWI.  It was about as busy as it usually is during the day when I fly in and out of there.  It was 10pm so I guess there was more traffic than usual.  I-95 and 495 weren't backed up at all.  There were a crap ton of signs warning about future traffic snarls due to the Inauguration.  I really feel like those signs over the highway haven't been there all these years.  Perhaps they have been but I've never noticed because they never said anything.

Saturday KT and I went to an event held by the People's Inaugural and WIN.  There was a luncheon with a Q and A that we caught the tail end of.  But then....WE GOT TO MEET MS. GLORIA STEINEM!!!!!!!! 

I felt all tingly.  It was magical.  The group of us basically stood around in a circle and asked questions and listened quietly while she imparted her wisdom.  KT got in on the action and asked the last question.  I took a couple of pictures of KT "with" Gloria in the vein of Kathy Griffin doing the same thing with Hillary Clinton on her tv show.

After the reception KT and I headed out for dinner and drinks with a couple of ladies and got some fabulous cheesecake.

Well, I suppose I should stop writing and get out and enjoy my time in DC.  Just two more days!!!!!!!

Oh...one more thing.  My boss has asked that I write a blog post for the organization's about my trip to DC.  I'm not really sure what to say in it or what angle to take.  And God knows that I don't write well.  Any tips??

...timbs for my hooligans in Brooklyn....


I just checked the forecast for inauguration and so far so good.  Partly cloudy and 40.  Mmmmm.  40.  I miss that.  Granted, it’ll change a bunch in those 10 days but I’ll take it as a good sign.  And since it’s only 10 days away, I should probably set up plans to get to MHT.   Flightline, I’m looking at you!


My first week of work went pretty well.  The people seem to be nice enough.  I really like my intern.  I think we can be buddies.  One of my coworkers told me about a bus I can take to work which shaves off about 25 minutes off my commute.  Sweet!!  They have written procedures for how to do a lot of my job which is very encouraging.  I’m getting an office with a window and a door.  Way better than my previous ¾ office with a cube wall.  In fact, I can see part of Fenway from my office.  Apparently you can hear the crowds during day games. 

It’s really interesting to come into an office and watch how staff members interact….to try and read the subtext at the many, many meetings they have.  It’s also really cool to see how different things are from my last job.  Like, my current org is on top of a couple of areas that my last wasn’t, namely having written procedures to follow, cross-training, recycling, staff can actually use Microsoft office products and event planning and distribution of responsibilities.  But my last org was on top of a few things like security of passwords and credit card info….which is huge.  I’m going to make a suggestion that our tech guy use KeePass and maybe try to have a conversation with the new accountant about what would happen in the auditors found out about the loosey gooseyness of files with CC info on it.  Yikes!

It’s hard being new.  I’d really like to make these suggestions because I honestly feel it benefits the organization at large, but I’m well aware that often times people can get very territorial over their jobs and see this sort of thing as being told how to do things or maybe that I’m after their position or something.  I think this is going to be a larger issue with the woman in charge of the website as I have some experience in that arena and with the woman who previously held my position.  It seems she’ll be returning part-time in April instead of just leaving the job.   She’ll have the title of specialist while mine is manager so I think that sets the hierarchy up ok.  I mean, overall it’s going to be good for the org.  We’ll be able to strengthen our current programs and finally be able to implement some new ones.  I’m just really concerned that we might but heads over divvying up the tasks.  She seems fairly laid back but I suspect that’ll change a bit after we’ve gotten to know each other.  I’m hoping she’ll be too tired raising her young children to put up much of a fight with me.  And she used to work for Planned Parenthood.  We’ve got to be on the same side of things politically, so hopefully we’ll get along.

I’m also concerned that the expectations of the job are a little ridiculous.  I’m going to make a sweeping generalization but I think that women are more willing to go the extra mile and do things and make sacrifices that they shouldn’t necessarily do or make.  I feel like that’s why there’s a lot of women in the nonprofit field.  They’re willing to do a lot of crap for less compensation than their male counterparts.  Like, this stupid database.  It’s all sorts of cranky and filled with these ridiculous steps that one shouldn’t have to make.  I’m not sure it’s worth it to the org for a staff member to spend so much time on operational ridiculousness at the expense of more transformational thinking and processes.  But my predecessor has just been dealing with it.  She made the comment that her legacy in the position will be identifying and fixing a lot of the bugs associated with the web/database and mine will be to streamline the processes.  I’m totally on board with that.  When I went to the leadership institute at the U of DE, I scored highest on a test in “Challenging the Process” so I think in that regard the position is a good fit for me.

Wow….that’s a lot of words on work.  Next topic.


I’ve gone to see Milk, Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire over the past few weeks.  Milk was very good because of the acting, Benjamin Button was good because of the basic storyline and my love for Tilda Swinton and Slumdog Millionaire…..was mildly entertaining.  I had such high hopes for this movie because of the buzz.  I’m not sure what was so special about it.  The acting wasn’t fabulous.  The storyline was okay.  The cinematography was fine.  Only two scenes stand out.  One is during the credits and the other is when Jamal is a child and there’s a famous person around.  Let the Right One In sounds decent.  The praise for it sounds pretty over the top.  I think I’ll keep my expectations low and maybe be pleasantly surprised.  There's a movie coming out about Biggie.  I almost want to see it in theaters to see if people get up and dance.  Who doesn't love early 90s rap?

Plan Bravo

For the first time I saw an advertisement for Plan B.  It was on the Bravo channel.  Bravo’s owned by NBC Universal which is majority owned by GE (big surprise) and minority owned by Vivendi which may have some sort of French connection.  I wonder if makers of Plan B had a hard time getting their ad aired.  I’ve only seen it on Comedy Central since my initial sighting.  Comedy Central is owned by CBS/Viacom which puts to rest my theory that Bravo and Comedy Central are owned by the same people thus making it easier for the commercial to be on both.  In any event, I’m glad to finally see commercials for it.  Still wish it was available for women under the age of 18 though.


Friday night I went to be around 1:30 and shortly thereafter I heard some screeching tires and scraping on 93.  Seems there was a bit of an accident in the north bound lanes.  I saw two cars on opposites sides of the highway, both had their hazards flashing and one looked a bit messed up.  I figured since the hazards were flashing people in both vehicles were conscious so I didn’t call the police.   The car that was farthest away ended up taking off.  It was a red SUV of some type in case it was a hit and run and the police need to know.  The police showed up right quick and I went to bed.

Christmas with the family was good.  I spent a week up there which I think was plenty.  It snowed and snowed and snowed and I got to pull snow off the roofs for the first time in my life.  There’s video on Flickr.

Christmas with the Keene Krew was great.  I fell down twice and spilled a drink.  One fall wasn’t my fault and at least I didn’t break a glass like Matt.  I won finger drums in the Red Sox Swap.  They are sooooo awesome.

Saw Bayside and Valencia at the Paradise and enjoyed it.  I think I’m about 18 years older than the kids in Valencia but whatever.

New Years was fun despite the crappy drinks and some girl stealing my awesome sparkly hat.  It was nice to have KT around for a bit.

The Penguins lost to the Bruins on New Years Day.  I was bitterly disappointed as I’ve never been to a game where they lost.  I think the Bruins lost the next game they played.  Why couldn’t it have been the one against the Pens?!?!!? 

Rock Band Party was enjoyable.  We definitely made use of the table and have actually been eating meals on it recently.  I got people to play the zap game with me.  I’m so happy.  There’s funny video on Flickr of that.  I think the videos where I didn’t know I was taking video are also up.  Oops!

I got to play Cribbage on Friday which rocked.  Kristin and I beat Josh and Pete 2 out of 3 games.  We are Cribbage Champions!!!

And I think that about sums it up.  I should go do some laundry and buy groceries.  It’s so glamorous being a grown up.


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